Meet the New Democratic Organization in Santa Clarita

Change is coming. This is the group that will bring it.

SANTA CLARITA — It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new approach.

To keep up the fight for positive change, support inspiring homegrown candidates, and provide an answer to the enduring question “How can we help?” a group of community leaders have founded a new organization named the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats (SCVD).

Over the past several years, everyday people in SCV have worked tirelessly to champion American ideals, bolster Democratic candidates and advocate for innovative reforms in one of the last remaining Republican strongholds in Los Angeles County. Still, some close losses make it easy to feel isolated and weary despite major voter turnout gains.

To build on this progress and empower others to keep up the fight for positive change, the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats aim to streamline candidate training and planning, provide an opportunity for local Democrats to build social connections through community service, organize for Democratic electoral and legislative priorities, and fight to ensure a just future for the Santa Clarita community.

Above all, the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats hopes to push back against decades-long Republican efforts to ignore and silence many of our city’s residents. This is our community, and we will only be heard if we join together to raise our voices. We will only change things if we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We can’t just hope that someone will listen to us — we have to fight for our community ourselves.

“This will be the effort to join together as we prepare to do the work for the next election cycle. It’s two years away, but those two years come fast. We have to start making our plan now,” said Jackie Thomas, Vice-Chair, Santa Clarita Valley Democrats. “The number of outspoken and proud Democrats in this area is growing. We will only continue that growth if we stay strong.”

In 2016, people in Santa Clarita and surrounding communities united to push back against the corruption, cruelty and incompetence emanating from Republican elected officials across the country, from the White House to the school board. We will soon have new leadership in Washington D.C., but we must continue to push back against tyrannical, merciless governance both nationwide and in our very own city.

It’s time to regroup, rebuild, and find strength and support in fellow neighbors who share our values and devotion to caring for each other and ensuring justice for all. These are the shared principles of this new hub of activism and advocacy.

“A new year brings new opportunities and I’m excited to see so many amazing community leaders come together to form this new organization,” said former Assemblywoman Christy Smith. “True to Democratic Party principles, this group will be inclusive and focused on bringing together the residents of Santa Clarita for both community and political activism. I look forward to working with the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats to build and grow our grassroots here in Santa Clarita and in partnership with our neighboring valleys.”

In addition to Smith, Santa Clarita Valley Democrats has received broad support from former local Democratic candidates, including former State Senate candidate Kipp Mueller.

“Over the last few years, Democrats in the Santa Clarita Valley have become considerably more engaged and enthusiastic about our prospects, and about fighting for every seat up and down the ballot,” said former State Senate Candidate Kipp Mueller. “I have no doubt that the newly created Santa Clarita Democrats will lead the charge and continue that momentum, work on social and environmental justice issues in our valley, and bring advocacy to our community. I look forward to seeing all the successes of the SCV Democrats.”

The organization will have an elected board, and it will have committees that will drive the direction of the organization.

“Santa Clarita has a wealth of talented and dedicated Democratic activists. I’m excited to see the formation of the Santa Clarita Democrats,” said Shanna Ingalsbee, Chair of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV). “I have full confidence in the leadership who will bring unity and focus to their already impressive work.”

The SCVD will begin operations after being officially chartered with the LA County Democratic Party later this month.

Yours in the fight for justice,
Andrew Taban — Chair
Jackie Thomas — Vice Chair
Mai Nguyen Do — Board Member
Gina Kaufman — Board Member
Kat Walker — Board Member
Rachelle Lyman — Board Member
Brett Haddock — Board Member